The Nature of Space, Time and psi


What is space and what is time? Before we attempt a definition, let's be specific about our perspective here. It's all a matter of relativity - What is space and time relative to whom? How real is any reality that you can't actually experience? The only reality you know is your own. So the question really should be "what is space relative to you and what is time relative to you?"

So then, let's define time simply as the displacement or amount of time that passes by between now - the present, and some other time relative to your 'now' time. Space, then can be defined as the distance between you and some other point in space - thus making it also relative to yourself.

It is my theory that time and space are the same thing, and that neither really exist. Well, of course they do exist, but they may not at some level. First, here's my rational regarding space and time being the same - or actually, space being the same as time, and both being a singularity. What's the difference between here, where you are and there - where you are not? It's the amount of time it takes you to move to there and experience 'there' making it here. Remember - the secret to understanding this is to consider space RELATIVE to you - not anyone else. You can only experience 'here' - there does not really exist at all unless you can be 'there' making it 'here'. So space - really is just time - you can 'experience' any place in space given enough time to get there. Hang in there - you'll soon see where I'm going with this.

Ok now, if we could prove that time does not really exist as we know it - then we could also say that space does not exist as we know it because remember - the only difference between here and there - to you, is the amount of time it takes you to 'get' there to turn it into a 'here'. Here's how. We know that time isn't what it seems from the results of my own and thousands of other remote viewing and psi research studies proving that we can indeed acquire information about our future before our future actually happens. If that's possible, then imagine taking zero time to experience 'there' from here. There and here essentially become the same place. In fact, if one can experience (at some level) here and there simultaneously, then one could also experience the entire universe simultaneously thereby rendering our concept of space - completely meaningless.

To summarize, if we can experience to some degree, our future - any amount of time into the future - right now, then time becomes a singularity - all of time - past, present and future happening right now - at a singular point in time. Similarly, if we can experience any point in space now, space also becomes a singularity - all points in space right here, right now. Time and space as a singularity - here, now.

Now - That's all fine and dandy, but I know that I live with space and time - they are very real to me. I still have to wait for tomorrow, and I must still travel to 'there' from here. If space and time don't exist at some level, then why do they exist at all at my level? What is it that might 'create' this illusion of space and time? The clue to where the answer might lie can be found in some research by James Spottiswoode of Cognitive Sciences Laboratory. Spottiswoode studied a mass of psi (remote viewing) research data generated by dozens of research institutes and universities over the last 50 years or so, and made a fascinating discovery. What Spottiswoode found was that he could improve the effect size of psi (remote viewing) experiments by over 340% by taking only those studies that were conducted at or near 13.50 Sidereal time. Sidereal Time marks your position on the planet with respect to the universe at large. To verify his findings, he acquired more research data, and found the exact same correlation! Effect size increases by over 300% when filtered using Sidereal time! Refer here to the actual research paper called: "Apparent Association between Effect Size in Free Response Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time"

Ok - here's the real cool part. At precisely 13.5 Sidereal Time, you are perpendicular to the center of the milky way galaxy. At any time further away from 13.50 Sidereal time, you are actually facing more of the center of our galaxy. At 13.5 Sidereal time, you are facing directly away from the center of the galaxy with the greatest mass of the earth between you and the center of the galaxy. Now, if we considered that psi (remote viewing, etc) - perfect psi, where time and space exist as a singularity, might be a 'normal' state, and anything less than that (certainly our current physical state) - abnormal, then we could consider that something in the galaxies center is causing a kind of 'noise' that is 'hampering' the perfect psi state by creating the illusion of space and time. And that something in the middle of the milky way galaxy, just might be a black hole - a popular theory among many cosmologists today. Read more about that here.

So - where are we now? We have a 'normal state' where space and time do not exist. There is no space and there is no time - it's impossible to imagine, I know, but bear with me here. Now, we're thrown onto this planet at the outskirts of the milky way galaxy which basically rotates around a gigantic black hole. This black hole, with it's infinite gravity actually creates the illusion of space and of time by emitting a kind of space/time 'noise'. A sort of 'governor' for life if you will. We mere humans are constrained by the limitations of space and time, but occasionally, if not but for a fleeting moment, we can partially escape the black holes grasp on us - best attempted at 13.5 Sidereal Time, when we are shielded partially from the black hole's noise by the earth itself - and other times for those more naturally gifted sorts.

One must wonder what life would be like closer to the black hole - more space and more time? Or maybe a better word might be inescapable space and inescapable time. Perhaps ones memory of the past is restricted to a shorter amount of time - perhaps ones ability to plan or think about or even conceptualize the future is limited as well, and just maybe any psi effect would be totally non-existent. Perhaps just the opposite happens as we move further out to space further away from a black hole - we achieve our 'normal' state where time and space no longer exist. But that also brings to mind the question - how are some of us able to escape the space time shackles better than others? Just what do they possess physically that allows them to filter out the black hole noise?

One further point - if I'm even partially right, then the answer to improved psi (a psi machine) might be something which can shield us from the noise emanating from our black hole. If that noise has anything to do with gravity, then I'll speculate that perhaps the secret to the psi machine just might be an anti-gravity device of some sort. And believe it or not, that's actually being worked on! For more information on NASA experiments with antigravity, read this Business Week article. For further info refer to One other potential way to proof my theory - if mass has an effect on shielding the black hole noise - like using the earth's mass to shield the black hole noise at 13.5 Sidereal time, then one could speculate that perhaps a psi experiment at 13.5 Sidereal time relative to and on the planet Jupiter would yield a greater effect that measured here one Earth. Might have to wait a while for that one!