I am confused. Can I have another example of how that works?

OBJECTIVE - Our team - Fred and Mary want to take a long or short position in the stock market on Thursday morning and exit the position on Thursday evening hopefully making a profit. A long position means that they will be 'buying' the market, and will make a profit if the market closes UP on Thursday, and a short position means that they will be 'selling' the market and they will make a profit if the market goes DOWN on Thursday. Fred will remote view a target that he will see on Friday, and Mary will manage the entire process in between.

1. MONDAY - Our distinguished remote viewer Fred imagines what he will be seeing on Friday and sketches it on a piece of paper. As you can see in our illustration, Fred perceives a half-round, dome-like shape.

2. TUESDAY - Mary, Fred's assistant chooses two photographs at random from her extensive computer database. She then (randomly) specifies that the photo of the observatory will be associated with an UP market, and the photo of the starfish will be associated with a down market. That is, on Friday, she will show the photo of the observatory to Fred if the markets went up on Thursday, OR she will show the photograph of the star fish to Fred on Friday if the market goes down on Thursday.

3. WEDNESDAY - Fred provides to Mary his drawing of what he thinks he might see on Friday. Mary looks at the photo of the starfish and the photo of the observatory and attempts to select which one she thinks Fred drew. Mary thinks that it's pretty obvious that Fred will see the photo of the observatory on Friday meaning that the market must go up on Friday in order for him to see that photo.

4. THURSDAY - On Thursday morning Mary takes a long position in the market - That is, she is betting that the market will go up that day, thereby forcing the photo of the observatory to be shown to Fred on Friday. On Thursday evening, Mary closes her position.

5. FRIDAY - Mary will now show one of the two photos to Fred. She checks the market's activity for Thursday and finds that the market went UP during the day, so she shows Fred the photo that was associated with an UP market - the observatory. It is important to stress here that regardless of what position Mary took on Thursday, Fred will ALWAYS see ONLY the photograph associated with what the market ACTUALLY did on Thursday - not necessarily what Mary predicted it should do.