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Welcome to For more information on remote viewing, click on "WHAT IS IT?" (Links at the bottom of this page). To see some real examples of actual remote viewing by me and others, click on "EXAMPLES". To understand how I use remote viewing to predict the outcome of a future event, click on the "ARV" button in "WHAT IS IT?", or view the video above. For a summary of my research, see the links to the papers below. To take the free ARV course, click "COURSE".

Greg Kolodziejzyk's 13-year Associative Remote Viewing Experiment Results paper

Read Greg's paper published in the Journal of Parapsychology 76(2) .pdf file

Read a summary of the research paper .pdf file (.html version here)

ABSTRACT: This paper presents results from a 13-year experiment using a unique approach to the associative remote viewing (ARV) protocol which allows a single operator to conduct the full ARV process beginning to end. A total of 5,677 ARV trials were conducted from May 11, 1998, to September 26, 2011. Of these, 52.65 % were correct in predicting the outcome of their respective future events (where only 50% would be expected by chance), yielding a statistically significant score of z = 4.0. These 5,677 trials addressed a total of 285 project questions. Most of these project questions were intended to predict the outcome of a given futures market. Of these project questions, 60.3% were answered correctly, resulting in a statistically significant z = 3.49. By increasing the number of trials in a project question, and giving more weight to higher subjective confidence scores reflecting the quality of the match between the remote viewing and one of the two target images, the success rate increased to above 70%. One hundred eighty-one project questions resulted in actual futures trades where capital was risked. Of these, 60% of the trades were profitable, amounting to approximately $146,587.30.

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